Monthly Specials


At SloDoCo, every month is a different experience. Our team of Creative Bakers meets monthly to conjure up new and creative donut options that help to keep things interesting. Just another excuse to consistently check out the stock at one of our stores.


Gluten-Free Pumpkin

GF + Vegan pumpkin cake, dipped in pumpkin frosting, topped with toasted pepitas.

Out by 7AM // $3.40

Vegan Pumpkin Cake

Vegan pumpkin cake dipped in pumpkin frosting topped with toasted pepitas.

Out by 7AM // $3.20

Maple Leaf

Raised maple leaf donut dipped in Fall swirled maple frosting with a leaf destined piped on top.

Out by 9AM // $2.80

Vanilla Chai Cake

Cake donut dipped in chai frosting dusted with chai powder on top.

Out by 9AM // $2.20

Gobble Gobble Raised

Maple, chocolate, vanilla and glazed raised decorated like turkeys with candy corn feathers and a donut hole head.

Out by 9AM // $3.00

Acorn Donut Holes

Glazed donut holes dipped in chocolate, rolled in fall sprinkles with a pretzel stem.

Out by 11AM // $.75

Apple Cider Cream Filled

Raised cinnamon sugar donut filled with apple cider cream.

Out by 11AM // $3.00

Green Bean Casserole

Plain croissant filled with homemade green bean casserole filling.

Out by 11AM // $4.50

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Devil’s food cake donut dipped in a Mexican hot chocolate icing. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, marshmallows, and cocoa powder.

Out by 11AM // $2.80

Pecan Pie Raised

Raised donut dipped in pecan frosting, topped with candied pecans, drizzled with caramel.

Out by 11AM // $3.20

Scarecrow Raised

Glazed unfilled jelly decorated like a scarecrow.

Out by 1PM // $3.00


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Rolled croissant filled with pumpkin spice latte filling, dipped in espresso frosting, topped with pumpkin spice and chocolate curls.

Cranberry Orange

Rolled croissant filled with cranberry whip, dipped in orange frosting, sprinkled with cranberry powder.

Out by 1PM // $5.00