Monthly Specials


At SloDoCo, every month is a different experience. Our team of Creative Bakers meets monthly to conjure up new and creative donut options that help to keep things interesting. Just another excuse to consistently check out the stock at one of our stores.


Gluten-Free / Vegan Pumpkin

GF or vegan devil’s good cake dipped in pumpkin frosting and some special toppings.

Out by 7AM – $3.00 / $3.20

Pumpkin Spice Latte Donut Holes

Crumb donut holes filled with pumpkin space latte creme. It’s like a PSL but in donut form.

Out by 9AM – $0.70 / $7.14

Bat Cake

Devil’s food cake dipped in chocolate cinnamon frosting with chocolate sprinkles and royal icing wings. Donut let it fly away!

Out by 9AM – $2.20

Witches Broom

Broom shaped raised dipped in purple cheesecake frosting decorated with candy strings. Not the most useful for flying or sweeping, but certainly tastes better than other brooms.

Out by 9AM – $3.00


Tombstone shaped raised dipped in gray vanilla with spooky sayings piped on. Beware!

Out by 12PM – $3.00

Frankenstein’s Monster

Ring dipped in green cake batter frosting and decorated with chocolate sprinkles and royal icing eyes and bolts.

Out by 12PM – $2.80

Pumpkin Patch Ring

Chocolate ring with green whipped cream leaves and a candy corn pumpkin. Why pick a pumpkin in a patch when you can pick a ring at SloDoCo?

Out by 12PM – $2.60

Blood Splatter Rings

Raised rings dipped in vanilla frosting and splattered with RASPBERRY JELLY (not blood, do not worry).

Out by 12PM – $2.40


Round dipped in strawberry frosting, filled with raspberry jelly, and decorated like a brain. Some have said this donut has a mind of its own.

Out by 1PM – $3.00

FREAKY FRIDAY: Caramel Apple Nose

Bless you! Gesundheit! Round dipped in caramel frosting, filled with green apple jelly, and decorated like a nose. This donut nose what’s up.

Out by 12PM – $3.00