Monthly Specials


At SloDoCo, every month is a different experience. Our team of Creative Bakers meets monthly to conjure up new and creative donut options that help to keep things interesting. Just another excuse to consistently check out the stock at one of our stores.


Cookies & Cream Cake

– Charity Donut –

Cookie or donut?! Frosting or cream?! These are the important questions in life. This is a classic cake donut dipped in Oreo frosting and coated with chunks of more Oreos, as well as green and yellow sprinkles. The green and yellow sprinkles are to represent our Charity of the Month! That’s right, this thing doesn’t just taste delicious, it also gives back to our local Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center! Each one sold sends $1.00 to ’em! Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center’s goal is to strengthen the quality of life for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and the lives they touch, through compassion, commitment, and collaboration. To see more about what they do, go to

Potted Plant Filled

Go ahead and ACT like SloDoCo doesn’t have it all! Whether you are looking for a donut, a snake plant, a fern, even a pilea peperomioides – WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED. These puppies are frosted with chocolate or vanilla, and plopped with a royal iced plant of your choosing. Then filled with (Oreo crumb and chocolate) potting soil.

Cheesecake Cake

Finally you can have your Cheesecake and eat cake too. Cake donuts iced with cream cheese(cake) and then topped with chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, or lemon. Then sprinkled with some graham cracker crust.

P.B. Cookie Halo

YEW! Peanut butter fans rejoice! Here is a homemade peanut butter cookie floating over a glazed or chocolate raised, drizzled with chocolate. 


You take the vegan cake, you add the blueberry, you glaze it. THAT’S how a CLASSIC is made.


Again, add the blueberry – this time to our classic GF donuts. Then drizzle vanilla OR lemon drizzle drizz drizz all over that thing!