Monthly Specials


At SloDoCo, every month is a different experience. Our team of Creative Bakers meets monthly to conjure up new and creative donut options that help to keep things interesting. Just another excuse to consistently check out the stock at one of our stores.

JULY 2022

Gluten-Free + Vegan S’mores

Chocolate GF + vegan cake with vegan marshmallow and GF + vegan graham cracker mixed in, topped with chocolate frosting, roasted vegan marshmallows and GF + vegan graham crackers on top….whew!

Out by 7AM // $3.40

Vegan S’mores

Vegan chocolate cake donut topped with chocolate frosting, vegan roasted marshmallows and vegan graham crackers.

Out by 7AM // $3.20


Chocolate raised donut filled with a whole oreo, topped with oreo whipped cream and oreo cookie.

Out by 9AM // $3.00


Raised donut with mango frosting and chamoy drizzle.

Out by 9AM // $2.80

Dulce De Leche Cake

Cake donut with dulce de leche whip in the middle and on top, with condensed milk, chocolate drizzle and toasted pecans.

Out by 9AM // $2.60

Caramel corn

Raised chocolate donut with caramel corn topping.

Out by 11AM // $3.00


Raised donut frosted with chocolate frosting, a giant square roasted marshmallow, graham cracker and rainbow sprinkles.

Out by 11AM // $3.00

Rose Raised

Raised donut dipped in rose frosting dusted in gold with white whipped cream roses.

Out by 1PM // $2.80

Red + White + Blue Sando

Red velvet cake cut in half with whipped cream, blueberries and powdered sugar on top.

Out by 1PM // $3.20


Vanilla raised with minion decoration on top.

Out by 1PM // $2.80